Personal Outsourcing — Without the Friction

How many things are on your todo list?

Yeah, we know- way too many. Why not get some help with those pesky tasks that keep you from doing what you really need (or want) to accomplish?


Unlike offshore services, HavingThingsDone (HTD) has a U.S.-based workforce of college-educated, native English speaking assistants. No plans to commit to, no complicated sign-up process, and no need to invest time and effort in an initial “get to know your assistant” phase. Create and manage your tasks with a clean and simple dashboard.


The founders of HTD started as clients of GetFriday. Then we found an alternative– a U.S. college student –and it worked out great. We decided to build HTD to enable that experience for anyone.

Plans and Pricing:

With HTD, you simply pay by the hour. Most services have monthly plans that feel more like a mobile phone contract or gym membership; if you don’t use the time you’ve paid for, you lose it. Though some offer pay-as-you-go options, they cost more and still require a monthly “maintenance” fee. We hate paying for things we don’t use, and that’s why HTD has a flat rate with no commitments or plans.

Getting started:

Give it a try—really. Sign up for a single hour and get something done. Liberating! With other services, they depend on you to “be open minded and invest time” to derive benefit from their service. At HTD, we think there’s nothing like instant gratification!

Low Friction:

HTD keeps task creation and management simple; no screening, bidding, negotiating, nor hiring. Elance can be a good resource for finding software developers, and we absolutely love Craigslist for buying and selling used stuff. But if you use those services for personal outsourcing of your everyday tasks, you’re in for some heavy overhead– not to mention challenging policies.


We’re keeping it stateside with English-speaking college students. They know our way of life, are professional, and love serving our clients through a flexible, part-time job.

Getting Something Back:

We pay you for new HTD clients that you recommend through our affiliate program.


HTD is a service of Lime & Chile Productions, which was founded by Chris Conley and Jed Wood. Chris founded an innovation strategy company called Gravity Tank, and is a professor at the Institute of Design, where Jed was one of his students. Jed and his wife had the spark of the idea, and share their experiences with personal outsourcing and a variety of lifestyle-productivity-related stuff on The Newly Rich. Our lead application developer is John Anderson.

Lime Chile also runs a service for businesses that use video, and an online tool for organizing information.

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