How much does the service cost?

$15 per hour. You can purchase as little as 1 hour at a time. Your minutes don’t expire. We require no other commitments, and there are no monthly “maintenance” fees.

How is this different from GetFriday, E-lance, AskSunday, etc…

We have a whole page dedicated to this one.

So, do I have an assigned assistant?

No. HTD is a different than many other services. Rather than relying on a single person, you have our whole workforce available. Dish off a task and rest assured that one of our competent assistants will tackle it.

But what if I want to keep the same assistant?

Right now, you simply put “This one is for [name of assistant here]” at the beginning of your task. Eventually, we’ll have a more explicit and official way to reserve time from your favorite assistant.

What’s the turnaround time?

With a few exceptions, tasks are completed within 24 hours, and often on the same business day.

What happens to my unused time?

If you, for example, set 60 minutes as the max time for a task and the assistant only uses 45, the remaining 15 minutes are returned to your account. Our assistants will get the job done as efficiently as they can, but providing a max time helps provide scope. This is particularly helpful for open-ended, loosely defined tasks like “research such-and-such for me.”

Where are the assistants? Who are they? What is their background?

Currently, HTD hires only fluent English speakers that live in the U.S. The majority of them are college students from a variety of degree programs. They are carefully selected, trained, and monitored to provide service that is consistent with our standards. However, we do allow assistants to display their own style, and they all have their own tricks and techniques for completing your tasks in a timely fashion.

What if I am unhappy with the work?

First, let your assistant know. Even with native English speakers we sometimes misinterpret your intentions. Usually an assistant will want to do it right for you. Second, you should close out the task, rate it, and leave a note in the feedback box that appears when you close the task. We keep tabs on these to make sure our level of service is more than you would expect.

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